Already as a boy, I decided to be a jeweller like my uncle Janis. I was born in Cesis, Latvia, and when I was 15, I moved to Riga to live on my own and study metal processing at the Riga Applied Arts High School. I continued to study the same speciality at ERKI (today: Estonian Academy of Arts) in Tallinn and I have lived in Estonia ever since.

By now, I have my own company and an atelier, which allows me to create whichever jewellery I want from scratch and on my own. No task is too complicated for me to solve technically. I prefer gold and gems, and as a peculiarity, the pattern-decorated Damascus Steel.

The style of jewellery style depends on the wishes of the wearer, but I do not compromise on the quality and the proportional whole while making it. Only the best is always truly the best.

If I have had the chance to build a few surfboards and fight the wind and the waves at the sea every now and then, I then return to my work with the greatest pleasure. For more than 20 years.